Would you do anything to cultivate a stronger bond with your children?

Do you find yourself wishing you could take away some of their emotional struggles?

Are you trying to help your kids find direction, build confidence, and navigate anxiety in a healthy way, but nothing you do or say gets through to them?

Every family needs support.

When kids develop strong emotional intelligence at an early age, they can handle stress and challenges with greater ease, growing into the happy, confident leaders of tomorrow.

Coaching for families offers the necessary guidance and structure to empower the entire family, creating healthy dynamics so you and your children can reach new levels of communication and confidence together.


Empower Your Children to:

Build Confidence

Navigate Their Emotions

Overcome their fears

Find Their Authentic Voice

Gain a Sense of BelonginG


There is no instruction booklet for being a parent. So we all learn together!

The intervention of another adult's presence is proven to be extremely effective, allowing children to test-drive trust with another grown-up, while offering support to you to meet each phase of parenting with grace.


Hi, I’m Michelle Pegues

I am a youth empowerment guide and family coach.

I believe raising empowered children is an opportunity to create positive change in our own homes, our community, and our world.

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What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a form of focused, specialized support and encouragement to help you elevate and grow yourself. Coaching is not medical advice, diagnosis or psychotherapy.

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Private Sessions

Ongoing individual support is available once online groups have been completed, or when deeper work is desired. Aren’t sure what you need now? Schedule a free discovery call.

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