Online Coaching for Kids


Online Group Coaching for Kids and their Parents

A highly interactive, guided group coaching program created to empower young children. families learn the tools and techNiques needed to build confidence, ease anxiety, deepen connection and live their most joyful, healthy lives.

for children and their parents

(ages 8-12)


Is your child struggling to fit in or being bullied? Are they dealing with depression, anxiety or lacking the confidence to shine the way you know they really can? Do you wish you could help your child through these struggles while building a strong bond and deeper connection with them?

A group environment connects you with other parents to provide each other with support while learning together and building lifelong friendships.

This six week program includes

Weekly live video group call, led by Michelle, to provide both the parent and child with tools and exercises for each week (60 minutes)

Weekly individual video call with Michelle, to address the individual needs and obstacles of each parent and child (60 minutes)

Weekly emails for the parent to share the week’s focus topic (e.g., forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, etc) including suggestions for how to best support their child through the week of work and in weeks to come.

Ongoing email support from Michelle throughout the program

One unscheduled “emergency call” with Michelle if needed (up to 30 minutes)

“I create a safe and nourishing environment for my clients and their children to grow.”

— Michelle Pegues