Teen’s Empowerment Class

(ages 13-17)



A fun, interactive and structured class where teens learn emotional intelligence skills to

Empower them with more confidence

Teach them to trust in themselves

Increase compassion for others

This experience helps your teens navigate their emotions and shift their mood quickly and at will.

We explore topics to help them overcome fears and limiting beliefs, build self-esteem and grow self-love.

We discuss bullying, why it happens, and how to respond appropriately to all situations.

We will discuss topics relevant to their most pressing struggles such as peer acceptance, cultivating true friendships, depression and anxiety. Tools such as meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/tapping), goal setting, gratitude practice, and so much more will be taught in a way that is accessible to anyone.

Your teens will learn practical tools such as meditation, expressive movement, goal setting, gratitude practice, and so much more.

This is a 6 week, in-person group program that meets once per week for 90 minutes in Broomfield, Colorado. Limited to 8 spots.

Pre-enrolling for June 2019